Wedding Ring Wahala! Man Stuck In Toilet Bowl

Firefighters tried to rescue a man who got his arm stuck down a toilet while trying to retrieve his lost wedding ring.
The man, known as Zhang, had reportedly decided to have a shower in his work changing room in Quanzhou, in Fujian province, so he took his ring off to avoid losing it.
But in a bizarre twist of events, as hge began to wash he dropped the ring and watched in despair as it rolled into the squat toilet nearby. In a desperate bid to keep his marriage intact, red-faced Zhang rushed to try and fish it back out but ended up getting his arm stuck in the U-bend of the toilet, according to reports.

Staff heard his screams for help and initially tried to free him with soap. But when their efforts were clearly in vain, they called fire-fighters to rescue the terrified man. The team was forced to cut through the pipe and floorboards to free his hand.

It is unknown whether they found the ring.

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